Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is caused by the inflammation of the retinal pigmentation, and is often mainly inherited, but in rare cases can be also caused by gene mutation.


In some families, due to intra-family marriages, there may be four to five children with RP. It is therefore recommended that marrying people with a family history of this disease be avoided as much as possible. It is possible to diagnose genetic diseases through genetic tests prior to marriage and before pregnancy, and experts are able to tell the clients which one of their children is likely to develop RP or other genetic diseases.

Although many doctors believe that RP is an incurable disease, some researchers do not give up trying to provide these patients with the gift of light in their eyes, and seek ways to cure diseases.

Wearing sunglasses should be taken seriously

The most popular sunglasses are UV-A absorbent. Professional mountaineers, naturists, or people in desert areas should use UV-AB standard sunglasses, so as to repel greater amounts of the sun’s harmful rays. It goes without saying that in regions with higher sun radiation, sunglasses should fully cover UV-AB.

It is interesting to know that what tans our skin on the beaches is due to the radiation of UV-B and to some extent UV-A rays, which puts us at a greater risk. It is therefore recommended that we not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods without using skin protection.

So far, we have realized that sunglasses should have a range of features to be able to reduce visible light to an appropriate level, and secondly, absorb various spectra of the sun rays according to the conditions of use.