The personal website of Dr. Seyed Hassan Shahidi, a surgeon and ophthalmologist


Dr. Seyed Hassan Shahidi is a graduate of the Department of Public Health at Tehran University. The graduate degree in ophthalmology at Tehran University. He then started working at the Department of Ophthalmology in Tehran and completed his university career.
He is active in the field of corneal transplantation-stem cell transplantation-new approaches to cataract and eye diseases, refractive errors, and other common eye problems.

Eye examinations

A full eye examination involves various tests that measure your vision and help diagnose eye diseases. For a full eye examination, the doctor examines the eyelids, tissues, and the skin around the eye, iris, cornea, conjunctiva, and acne. In some cases, eye drops are used to dilate the pupil during an exam.
Special tests include lens, retina, vision and blood vessels, the nature of intraocular pressure to prevent glaucoma , the natural curvature of the cornea, close vision to determine the number of eyes and Selects the right lens.

Personal website of Dr. Hassan Shahidi, a surgeon and eye specialist. Leading in the field of the latest cataract surgery and corneal transplantation

Mr. Hasan Shahidi, a highly experienced and multi-faceted Iranian and foreign patient in recent years, has been able to take effective steps to improve or control the patients’ eyesight using the latest achievements of the world’s ophthalmology and always choose the best and most effective treatment for patients.



Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease in which the corneal curvature collapses and takes a conical shape.



Astigmatism is caused due to an irregular shape of the cornea or lens, resulting in a lack of concentration of light at one point, but on several focal points of light.



With a laser Femtosecond, you can also cut the flap with lasers. This way the accuracy and safety of the operation greatly increases

تجویز لنز تماسی

Contact Lens

In addition to the examinations needed to determine the number of eyes, prescribing a lens requires special examinations to select the appropriate lens for the eye. A keratometer is used to measure the curvature of the cornea. It measures the curvature and size of your contact lens. The keratometer measures only a small, limited portion of the cornea, so a computerized measurement may be done to determine the corneal topography more precisely. If your cornea has irregularities due to astigmatism, you’ll need a kind of lens called Toric ICL Lens for better vision.

توپوگرافی قرنیه

Corneal topography

In this technique multiple concentric lightrings are projected on the cornea. After capturing the reflected image, creating topographic maps and analyzing the data, it is possible to identify any cornea abnormalities such as Keratoconus, scarring and irregular astigmatism, moreover the corneal curvature can be calculated. Topography is also invaluable in evaluating patients, particularly those who want to undergo a refractive surgery corneal curvature such as LASIK. Postoperatively, topographymay be necessary in follow up procedure insome cases.

بررسی خشکی چشم


The eye has a steady moisture content and, by producing tears, removes foreign particles from the eyes. Dry eye is caused when, for various reasons, it does not produce enough tears. In this case, it causes irritation and burning eyes. A liposome test is used to check the dry eye. In this method, after anesthetizing the eyes with eye drops, a special strip is placed underneath the lower eyelid and the patient closes his eyes gently for 5 minutes. The doctor determines the dryness of the eye based on the moisture content of the paper and prescribes a drop or appropriate treatment

Laser eye

Refractive errors of the eye include myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism


Corneal refraction correction surgery for corneal deformation and as a result of correction of the path of failure of light in the eye and obtaining vision is clear./p>


Strabism is one of the common eye problems in which the two eyes do not look at the same path simultaneously

Strabism Surgery

In adults, strabism often leads to double vision, but in children, unlike adults, only one eye focuses on objects.

Dry Eye

The eye has a steady moisture content and, with tear production, removes foreign particles from the eyes

Dry eye test

Dry eye is caused when, for various reasons, it does not produce enough tears. This condition causes discomfort and burning of the eyes.