Selling contacts lenses in social media

Today, like any other product, contact lenses are sold in social media. However, you should remember that all types of contact lenses are medical devices and, therefore, in need of accurate measurements for optimal use; an option which is not available in online shopping.

Users should consider lens compatibility. In fact, certain lenses may not be compatible for certain people, leading to numerous problems if used. Moreover, users must receive instruction in wearing contact lenses, an opportunity which is not available on the Internet.
A serious consequence of using low-quality lenses or using lenses incorrectly is infection which, if not properly treated, may lead to ocular injuries, including blindness.


Features of standard sunglasses:

1- They must properly decrease light intensity to provide optimal sight.

2- They must absorb UV rays, especially in the UV-A range, i.e. 300 to 400 nm. People refer to these glasses as UV400. In fact, if UV rays pass through sunglasses, they definitely hurt the eyes. In other words, sunglasses absorb UV rays in the UV400 range and prevent them from reaching the eyes.

3- Sunglasses must not affect the user’s visual acuity or performance. That is, while wearing sunglasses in a well-lit place, we should not feel distortion or movement if we look up, down, left, and right. Nevertheless, the most prevalent discomfort while wearing sunglasses is distortion which is caused by incorrect lens curvature.

4- Prescription sunglasses must be manufactured based on lens optical power (diopter), curvature, spectral characteristics, and darkness. In other words, the measurements related to prescription glasses cannot be applied to prescription sunglasses.